how women’s privat sex behavior is answered – a real story

an expat women living in the United Arab Emirates made a trip in Europe for shoppings and found a nice sex toy for her personal use. Coming back to the UAE, the customs made her open bags, the toy was found and confiscated. No right to enter this in the UAE, even not for personal use. Even not for expats.

Explanation: not compatible with UAE’s rules.

The difference between Europe and UAE is – in fact – not only in the use of sex toys, but mainly that a state, a nation, a so called governement dominated by a ruling family can decide about privat lifes inside the own house – even of (westeners) expats.

Don’t be mystified by the so called modernity of Scheik led countries: they are deeply dominating your privat life, even if actually no arab spring is happening there. They are still deeply dictatorial about all your life.

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