Slum population in urban Africa

Watch online the chart on these two good blogs:

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Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, on en. wikipedia, and Africa’s Largest Slum: Kibera, 3.51 min, on YouTube;

Video on YouTube: Poor Kenyan mother giving birth to her baby on floor, 5.43 min …
(My comment to this last video:

  • I agree for complainings, but the first question remains: all these men impregnating their women every year, again and again, knowing in advance they will never have enough money for children’s needed food, clothes, school, medecine etc. etc. Sorry, but all these men (and the women not able to say no) are they only stupid, mentally corrupt or only unable to control reproductive behavior. In other words: are they still children?
  • 75 years ago my parents were very poor and decided to have one child, thus permitting this only one all needed food and the rest (which I got, but missing siblings).
  • If my poor, not much instructed parents were able for birth control, why not these Africans? Shall we now believe they are more stupid than were my parents? But this would be rasist?
  • So then, what’s about … what are they? Why they still not have learned to be fully responsible of their acts?
  • Maybe it is easier to blame whites and beg still again and again more money …  for how long? …
  • No, I am not a racist, I am just fed up with this third world poor refusing responsibility for their reproductive behavior, and I am also fed up with all these whites, spending again and again money instead of real help, means real education and all the needed help to succeed in real birth control)!

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