Loriot alias Vicco von Bülow Passes Away at 87

Germany Mourns the Death of its Best Comedian – Published on Spiegel Online International /Zeitgeist, August 23, 2011.

… Generations of German Comics:

He made fun of the small-mindedness, the fussiness and the excessive formality of the German post-war middle classes. Those traits may now seem a tad dated — though not completely unrecognizable. But the humor with which he exposed them remains fresh and funny to this day, and ensured Loriot enduring popularity.

In 2007, aged 83, he was voted as Germany’s best comedian, which says as much about Loriot’s unique talent as it does about the generations of German comics that have followed him. 

German President Christian Wulff praised him as a “clever observer of human weaknesses.” In a statement, he said: “Through Loriot, we learned to laugh about the simplest difficulties of life. We admired his ideas, his inexhaustible imagination and his courtly, elegant calm.”

Courtliness was part of Bülow’s trademark. He was born on Nov. 12, 1923 to an aristocratic Prussian family, and derived his stage name, Loriot, from his family’s heraldric animal, a Golden Oriole, which is called Loriot in French. His talent for drawing and mimicry became evident at school and he worked as an extra in theater productions and films.

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In German on YouTube:

das Frühstücksei, 1.14 min;

der kaputte Fernseher, 2.40 min.

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