Representatives of the People! What is Your Stance on the Fundamental Values of our Country?

Published on Current Concerns /no. 13, by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich, August 9, 2011.

Behind the back of both the cantons and the Conference of the Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK), the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) commissioned a study which intends to secretly palm off mandatory sex education with outrageous contents on elementary schools and even nursery schools all over the country, even against the parents’ will! Fortunately, there is a number of politicians in Switzerland, whose concern is a value-oriented education in family and school. They resisted by launching a petition “Against the Sexualization of Elementary Schools” followed by a motion in the National Council. 

And lo and behold, it turned out that the FOPH had acted on its own account and had ignored the cantons’ authority. Thus the EDK clearly states: “This document [the secondary teaching material, which the University of Teacher Education Central Switzerland had provided on behalf of the FOPH, mw.] has neither been developed on behalf nor under co-operation of the Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education; its contents are not binding for the curriculum.” (See Current Concerns No. 11 of 28 July).

The FOPH provide the alarmed citizens with a foretaste of its plans to cover all areas of life with its so-called “prevention and health promotion” if the parliament and the people were so stupid as to give the go-ahead by accepting the planned “prevention law”. We will take all candidates to the National and Cantonal Council to task: What is your stance on this issue which is so important for the future of our country and our people? … //

… This law, was initiated by Thomas Zeltner, would-be ruler over the germ-free feel-good republic Switzerland, after a longer stay abroad. The Federal Councilors are asked to reject it determinedly. We, the citizens, demand an unmistakably clear answer from the numerous candidates, who would like to be elected to Parliament in autumn, to the question what their stance is on this issue. We will ask them: Do you want a health dictatorship by a Federal Office, or do you respect the dignity of self-responsible and mature citizens in the country? Do you respect the constitutional allocation of authority on federation and cantons, or are you ready to brush aside the competences of the cantons at the instruction of an ex-FOPH boss?

According to the Federal Constitution, the cantons are definitely responsible for prevention and health promotion. As the expert commission, appointed by the Federal Council, has already stated, the articles 117 and 118 of the Federal Constitution are by no means sufficient as a basis for a federal prevention law; they only give the federation the power to regulate health and accident insurances as well as the “fight of communicable, widespread or malicious diseases”, which has already been regulated by the law on epidemics.
The federal Swiss health service, which in addition to the cantons is also financed by the communes and many voluntary organizations such as Samaritan organizations, is among the best in the world. Are we to worsen it by a coercive centralistic organization?

From each citizen who likes to take a seat in the National Council or the Council of States we expect an answer to our question What is your stance on the issue of prevention? (full text).

Link: Current Concerns /archive.

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