Report LSSSE 2007

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Published on Law School Survey of Student Engagement.


Each spring, the Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE) collects information from students about the nature of their law school experiences. Since its inception in 2004, 128 different law schools have administered
LSSSE to measure the extent to which their students engage in effective educational practices. The practices LSSSE measures are empirically linked to learning and other desired outcomes. With the results in hand, schools have a picture of how law students spend their time and what programs and experiences are most beneficial to their legal

This year more than 27,000 students at 79 law schools across the United States and Canada completed the survey. To date, LSSSE has collected data from more than 87,000 law students.

Here we give you an overview of the responses — who are these students, how are they spending their time during law school, and what experiences do they find beneficial? More information on trends in legal education and the experiences of all law students in the LSSSE 2007 cohort will appear in the Annual Survey Results to be released at the 2008 AALS meeting. (full text).

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