America’s War on Terrorism reviewed

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Published on, 19 June, 2007.

Read Stephan Lendman’s book review of Michel Chossudovsky’s America’s War on Terrorism

Excerpt: … Conclusions:

Chossudovsky wrote an important book in 2002 titled “War and Globalization.” This volume, “America’s War on Terrorism,” updated it with voluminous, heavily documented new information on the state of America today under both parties and the threat that poses for the Republic, hanging by a thread. Though published in 2005, it’s as fresh now as when it first appeared, and his conclusion is essentially the same as what Chalmers Johnson wrote in his 2006 book, “Nemesis – The Last Days of the American Republic.” Johnson explained our well-entrenched militarism and single-minded pursuit of empire saying we have a choice. We can keep on this path and lose our democracy, but history is clear: we can’t have both.

Chossudovsky and Johnson both agree – the signs are ominous, and conclusive evidence post-9/11 proves it, amply spelled out in “America’s War on Terrorism.” That doesn’t mean we’re doomed or change can’t come. It can, but never from the top down. The lessons of history are clear. Mass-action grassroots efforts can achieve what governments won’t do willingly. Scare tactics to bring us in line won’t work if we don’t let them. But it will take millions mobilized to resist to do it. Is saving the Republic incentive enough to try? We better hope so. (full long text).


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