New Publication: Contemporary Issues in Human Rights Education

Current issues including the celebration of diversity, interfaith dialogue, gender-sensitive education, prevention of racism, discrimination and violence as well as civic engagement of youth

Published on, by Media Services, August 8, 2011.

This collection of papers addresses contemporary issues in human rights education which has shifted over time, as new social contexts have evolved, in turn throwing up ever more complex challenges to educators. It discusses key questions that build on concepts of human rights education and includes examples of actions reported by UNESCO Member States … // 

… The publication is one of UNESCO’s contributions to the major UN initiatives, including the ongoing World Programme for Human Rights Education. French and Spanish versions are foreseen in late 2011.


UNESCO’s work on Human Rights Education;

World Programme for Human Rights Education:

08.08.2011: Source: Education Sector

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Call for Applications for the Women’s Human Rights Training Institute WHRTI, 2011-2013 – deadline extended.

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