Freedom Rider: Ruling class victory

Published on Intrepid Report, by Margaret Kimberley, August 5, 2011.

The class war is nearly over, and those at the top of the heap have once again achieved a clear victory. They and their minions can be held in abeyance but only if there is a realization that we are in a war in the first place. The much discussed congressional deal on the budget ceiling is a win only for the people who want to do away with the little bit of safety net and democracy we have left.

While there is a federal government deficit, it is not the problem plaguing the American economy right now; a lack of federal spending is the problem. Calls for austerity are a sham, meant to frighten people into thinking that they must give up their own economic and political rights lest economic conditions deteriorate further. 

It is all a lie of course. There was never any danger of economic collapse, or credit rating catastrophe, or any other dire predictions coming to fruition. The rulers were merely determined to have their way, and that couldn’t happen unless the public were confused and desperate for a budget agreement, any agreement that the Obama and his Republican allies would accept.

The corporatists do what criminals always do, threaten harm and injury if their demands are not met. Give up your Social Security and your Medicare or die. As the old joke went, “Your money or your life.”

“Calls for austerity are a sham, meant to frighten people into thinking that they must give up their own economic and political rights.”

Of course, the only dangers present emanated from the gangsters themselves. The extortion was blatant, with bad renditions of the old good cop, bad cop routine. Democrats act like the good cops when in fact they are just as rotten as their Republican “bad” counterparts … //

… Putin spoke what should be an obvious truth, that the world is quite sick of the United States. Sick of its control and its ability to destroy everything on the planet. These are issues that most Americans know nothing about it, but which will determine what sort of world we will have to live with.

While Democrats wring their hands and makes excuses for Obama, the rulers know a good thing when they see one. He continues to raise more money, $86 million reported to date, than the Republicans whom we are told are the favorites of the wealthy. Money talks, and right now it is talking more to Democrats than to Republicans. Warren Buffet knew what he was talking about. The men with the gold are still making all the rules. (full text).

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