Brave women without photos

Linked with Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold – Switzerland (in german).

Women are doing best work for our humanity. But they are often not recognished for heir work. This inspired the project to nominate 1000 women for the Nobel Peace Prize (see also their Homepage).

My comment: this first step for the 1000 Novel Peace Prize Women (search) was meant to rise consciousness for women’s contribution to our humanity.

But now, more you look on what is happening, more you have to recognish how few this work is honored.

Many women presented for the Nobel Peace Prize show no photo, and many only a short CV of five small lines. Nothing in the internet, beside being named in newspaper for a short moment with the other 999 personalities.

This happens with many other women doing humanitarian work around the globe, not named with these 1000 women, living pratically all of them in developing countries.

And often the community in which they live denies them the right to show their faces, for religious or other tribal reasons.

I am fed up with news about women doing best work around the world and being not worth to have a good photo, or a correct text, presenting them. This is one of the most visible symptoms telling that women are only second class, even when they are proposed for the Nobel Peace price. Even then.

This is simply a shame.

From now on, I will represent on my World People’s Blog every women, for whom no photo is available, with the picture of a rose.

We have still many roses in our parcs of Geneva, so today, mid of June, I was out for a rich harvest of rose photos.

To spend a rose for each one of these brave women.

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