Corporatism or survival on Earth?

Linked on our blogs with Siv O’Neall, Sweden. – Published on Intrepid Report, by Siv O’Neall, July 25, 2011.

Globalized commerce and finance have taken over the planet and the majority of nations are above all anxious to keep up the pace with the rest of the frightened sycophants to the Empire, anxious not to fall behind when and where the big profits are being raked in off the roulette tables. Mesdames, messieurs, faites vos jeux! Tomorrow we’ll be dead. But today, let us not be left out of the big game!

The vicious and self-destructive cult that we call Corporatism has so completely taken over the running of the world that the entire financial systems of nations have been derailed. Nations, poor or rich, are no longer allowed to govern their own people, to follow their own paths in terms of economic policies—taxation, education and welfare spending being the most critical in any national budget, for the general good of the people. 

Keeping up the appearance of firmness, limiting social spending, standing strong and judgmental against an increasing number of immigrants (Untermenschen—they will just increase the burden on our already overtaxed welfare budget—so say the politicians), all these carefully staged and highly visible stands are ones that please the Corpocrats.

A gradual depletion of budgets for education and for social spending in general is taking place at a fast speed, while military and national security budgets have increased by over 100 percent in the United States since the tragic event of 9/11—that fabulous windfall for the arms and security industries. Europe, as far as military spending goes, is following in the path of the Master.

Naturally all this is cause for great self-congratulation by the corporate bosses. The governments, however, at the very same time complain about a severe lack of money (economic crisis, hold on, we’re going to sink!) for the real needs of the people …  //

… Corporatism is killing the planet

The Empire is digging in its feet, invading and pillaging one obstinate and geo-politically important country after the other, at the same time as the people at home are deprived of their human rights, the rights to a decent livelihood and a good and secure job. One might think that this would be the sum of the horror show going on today in the world. But no, there just is no end to the damage that is wrought. The criminal takeover and destruction of the planet by the corporations stops at nothing. An additional problem is of course the rapidly progressing and deliberately ignored global warming, but this phenomenon too is most likely linked to corporate misbehavior and overconsumption.

The Corpocrats are so totally deluded by their illusion of infinite power that they also believe that the earth offers the means for infinite growth. What they do not seem to understand at all is the fact that man can never, never dominate nature. The total insanity of these men, the criminal neglect of the environment, the absolutely certain effects of the corporate malfeasance that will soon make the earth unlivable is mind-boggling and literally devastating. They go on living the high life as if there was no tomorrow. Well, there may not be a tomorrow. Unless we put the machine in reverse—right now, this very moment.

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