Whose War Is It?

Article published on Countercurrents.org, by Jim Miles, 03 June, 2007.

… (The book) ‘Whose War Is It? How Canada Can Survive In The Post 9/11 World’, by J. L. Granatstein. (Harper Collins, Toronto, Ontario, 2007) … is one of the ugliest books I have read about foreign policy in relation to the Americans and the ‘war on terror’.

It is similar in style to Michael Leeden, Charles Krauthammer, and Thomas Friedman, all writers who support the transcendence of America, and the use of the military to set right the world. They all support the Orientalist approach to the declared war in that ‘we’ are being attacked because they dislike our democracy and licentious freedoms without any consideration given for previous American actions around the globe that have created significant ‘blowback’ – the major and highly unexpected one being 9/11.

It is perhaps uglier from my perspective in that as a Canadian military historian, Granatstein professes those same beliefs while writing a book containing many examples of patriotic military jingoism in relation to Canada …

… “Whose War Is It?” presents a militaristic, terror preaching, self-righteous grandstanding view of Canada’s supposed role in foreign affairs. Both Canada and the U.S. need to listen to the voice of their own people and not to the resource and wealth grabs of the big corporations to be truly democratic, truly a power of the people, by the people, for the people. Both countries need to support international policing, international courts, international treaties and agreements, and other international venues of operating, and change the militaristic swagger at home to one of a more civic minded defence force, one that can deal with the conjectural disasters and Katrina’s of nature. As with the ugly Americans who should just go home and let the world try to recuperate in peace (I’m sure they will still sell you the oil, you just won’t control it), so the ugly Canadians should do the same. (full long text).

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