Founding statement of CorA

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Founding statement of the german Corporate Accountability CorA Network, (Netzwerk für Unternehenrsverantwortung);

Human rights organisations, trade unions, development organisations and church organisations, consumers’ associations and environment associations as well as other civil society organisations centred on socio-political issues work together in the CorA Network. We collaborate within various fields to promote corporate accountability directed towards the public good, and use a variety of instruments and approaches to achieve this goal.

Transnational corporations increase their often already powerful influence on social and environmental development, working conditions, consumption and production patterns and policy on a global scale. There is a lack of public awareness about the global impacts of corporate transactions and the necessary political frameworks to regulate them. We want transnational corporations, their subsidiaries and their suppliers to observe fundamental human rights and to adhere to internationally agreed upon social and environmental standards in their daily and global activities. In order to achieve this target, we intend:

  • to enhance the public debate on the economic and political activities of transnational corporations, and
  • to advocate corporate accountability. By this, we mean binding instruments that compel these companies to respect human rights as well as internationally agreed upon social and environmental norms and standards.

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