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Taking the State to Court, Public Interest Litigation and the Public Sphere in Metropolitan India, by Hans Dembowski.

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This is the online-documentation of a book first published in 2001. It is not meant in any way to upset or scandalize the Calcutta High Court or other judicial institutions in India. Rather, we believe that a sociological study, which was initially published by a leading academic publisher, should be available for public debate.

Unfortunately, distribution of the original book was discontinued after the Calcutta High Court started contempt proceedings against the author, the publisher and several other parties. Five years on, however, the author has still not been officially notified by the court. The case is still pending, without having been heard in a long time. This, in turn, raises some poignantly recurring issues concerning the global potential of judicial censorship as well as the freedom of speech and expression.

Therefore, Asia House has decided to republish the book on the internet. After all, the relevance of the book was recognized in a review published in the Cambridge Law Journal (2001, volume 60, issue 03, p. 636).

Link: see this blog of Arun Ramarathnam, Bangalore, IN.

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