Certified User’s Guide to make Cartoons

Here a sure and certified user’s guide to make your cartoons:

by Chard, a french cartoonist

plaisanteries = joke; interdites = forbidden; sauf = except; Belges = a Belgian guy. One must know that poor Belgians are always humoristic items for frenchies; femmes = women; sauf blondes = except women with yellow-golden hair; noirs = blacks; sauf miraculés = except miraculates; sauf catholiques = except Catholics (specially the pope in Rome); juifs = Jews; beurs = North African Immigrates; Français de souche = the only one real Frenchy.
All the other words are almost similar.

and here the announcment of a cartoon contest on an Iranian site:

= in Iranian script,

with the one I must show you:

Cartoon of Yusuf Temiza


http://www.irancartoon.com/ = in english.

Have a nice day.


America in Caricatur 1765 – 1865;


Journal Satirique Suisse (Swiss French Satiric weekly Newspaper).

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