Building “Guantanamo” in south Iraq

… the biggest in the Middle-East

Published on Roads to Iraq, May 10, 2007.

Bahrain newspaper al-liwa interviewed ex-AbuGhraib prisoner “Abd Al-Jabar Al-Azawi”, who was in one of the infamous Abu Ghraib images, in a very insulting position [Arabic readers on the image to read] …

Al-Azzawi said that there are about 14 thousand Iraqi detainees to this day unaccounted and classified as “ghost prisoners”.

Q: Regarding the charges of the prisoners and detainees?

A:They were all confined to the charge of terrorism even children under 15 years old, young girls accused of terrorism; this charge is ready to whoever the authorities want.

Al-Azawi also pointed out that the occupying forces are building the largest detention center in the Middle East similar to Guantanamo, in southern Iraq, particularly in Dhi-Qar province.

We have informed the authorities and international organizations to stop this work, but we did not receive any answers until today. (see on roadstoiraq).
(full text in arabic).

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