UN World Summits and Civil Society Engagement

Picked up from UNRISD Research and Policy Brief no. 6, published on January 25, 2007, UNRISD:

UN summits and related processes can have highly positive—but not always sustainable—impacts on civil society structure, networking and advocacy in countries that have hosted such events, according to UNRISD research.

The Issue: While the United Nations (UN) remains an intergovernmental organization, an increase in the number of influential civil society actors has placed new pressures on the organization to accommodate popular voices and further enhance collaboration. The link with civil society actors has been growing since the early 1990s in particular, in the context of UN summits and conferences, and related processes. Civil society organizations (CSOs) have amplified their demands on the UN with regard to information, access and participation in these global events.

And the UN has recognized the importance of accommodating the demands of CSOs for a greater voice and role in development processes …(to download the 8 page pdf-text, click above at right on ‘open PDF’).

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