Swiss banks, Swiss neutrality and the poor

A reaction to Mgcini Nyoni’s statement in Making a difference, my comment as a modest Swiss women watching Swiss politics:

Our neutrality:

  • Neutrality is not meant when we face suffering and all the rest of world’s mess, but yes, some use the concept of neutrality as an excuse for zero responsibility for other countries.
  • We Swiss feel ourselves being like all normal people, sometimes egoist and sometimes giving rather much of our personal money to charities for Africa and elsewhere, but then often we observe how our money disappears in endemic corruption and never reaches the real poor.
  • Thus, our Swiss neutrality is in the collimator of opposite realities which fight each other. We the Swiss people make ourselve our legislation, often for the best of ourselves, not for the best of the rest of this world, a world showing behaviors we cannot understand nor accept.
  • Our neutrality – like all human goods – can be, and is – misused by humans having the opportunity to do so. Misused to justify retirement of the world instead of acting in it.  
  • But when ready for help, often Westerners are told not to interfere in others worlds, becoming a justification for Swiss people to look only for themselves.
  • Yes, we Swiss have to remain vigilant about this neutrality, but the rest of the world gives involuntary feedbacks which interacts with our decisions when voting a next law.
  • In any way, a debate about the use of our neutrality is running since years inside of Switzerland.

The same logic can be stated about Swiss Banks and their behavior:

  • Yes, we the Swiss people make the laws ruling these banks, but we can only put them laws acting INSIDE of Switzerland.
  • Now, like all International Enterprises – our 2 biggest banks do not work much inside the country – they blackmail Swiss people by telling they will leave our country, when laws are not in their favor.
  • On the other hand we believe to know that many other countries would take them with a hand-kiss, to profit for themselves with some crumbs the banks would let them.
  • Thus, too many Swiss people bend still their knees and vote in favor for the banks, but this is the world like it runs.

Look, if we want change the running mess, none of us, and surely not a small country can do it alone. To change this mess, WE ALL HAVE TO ACT TOGETHER, in a same, worldwide people’s decision. I see no escape for another solution.

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