The Muslim opinion is manipulated

The proof that the Muslim opinion is manipulated, you find it in this picture of the first edition on the cartoons about Mohammed in Egypt on October 17, 2005:

No body had reacted. Not the Muslims, not anybody.

Beginning of January another newspaper – in another country – published three pictures as a proof in a dispute. Still no reaction.

But someone wanted a reaction and visited Mullahs, until one was found ready to put fire. This reacting Mullah added three more pictures which had never been published before in any newspaper, one of it showing Mohammed with a pig nose. He added them deliberately, to put fire.

Here you have definitively the proof that this whole mess is made for the profit of someone.

The masses of Muslims are used to begin a war which is not helping them. They do not see that they are instrumentalised, together with their Islam religion.

The right question is: whom profits this mess? This can be only a group of persons winning much, very much in a war between Muslims and the western world.

So please, think first and take the guns after.

And, as all that has strongly to do with Human Rights, go to this link about the op-icescr. All this mess would not happen if the human rights were really applied. The Optional Protocoll of the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights is debated just now in Geneva/the UN. And I cannot forget the statement of a representant of a Muslim government saying last year loud and strongly in the UN debate room: ‘NOT ANY MUSLIM COUNTRY WILL SIGN A PROTOCOL GIVING WOMEN THIS CLAIMED RIGHTS. BELIEVE ME, I HAVE THEM ALL BEHIND ME’. In this context it is very easy to manipulate any Muslim crowd.

Now we have really to decide what next. Does the so called ‘first world’-governments are they ready for this rights? Really ready to apply them?

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