Ex-Muslims form anti-religion group in Germany

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By Norbert Klaschka, Feb 28, 2007,

Berlin – Former Muslims in Germany publicly launched a group Wednesday with the provocative name National Council of Ex-Muslims, and said they would be a voice for non-religious people of Islamic cultural origin.

The name is deliberately modelled on that of the National Council of Muslims, the German Muslim Council and other mosque federations.

The ex-Muslims in Berlin contest the right of faith-centred groups to speak on behalf of an estimated 3 million to 3.5 million people of Islamic origin in Germany’s 82-million-strong population.

They unveiled a poster with the slogan, ‘We’ve Given It Up,’ showing the faces of many former Muslims who no longer believe. The ‘coming-out’ flies in the face of Islam, which does not make any provision for formally departing from membership in the faith.

‘We want to breach a taboo,’ said the chairwoman of the new Council … The news conference in Berlin was given police protection. (full text).

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