Alternative Laureates Want Nuclear Plants and Weapons Abolished

Published on Global Perspectives, by Jutta Wolf, April 9, 2011.

… Grave as these dangers are, however, they are not as great as those arising from the possession, threat and use of nuclear weapons — weapons that have the capacity to destroy civilization and end most life on the planet, laureates of what is also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize warn.

The conclusion they draw from the nuclear power plant accident in Japan is that the human community, acting for itself and as trustees for future generations, must exercise a far higher level of care globally in dealing with technologies capable of causing mass annihilation, and should phase out, abolish and replace such technologies with alternatives that do not threaten present and future generations.

This, the statement published on March 29, 2011 says, applies to nuclear weapons as well as to nuclear power reactors. 

While extending their deepest sympathies to the people of Japan who have experienced a devastating earthquake and tsunami followed by severe damage to the Fukushima nuclear power station, the laureates say, the disaster in Japan has demonstrated once again the limits of human capability to keep dangerous technologies free from accidents with catastrophic results.

They argue that natural disasters combined with human error have proven a potent force for undermining even the best laid plans. Reliance on human perfection, they add, reflects a hubris that has led to other major failures of dangerous technologies in the past, and will do so in the future … (full text).

Statement by Dr. Helen Caldicott: … Nuclear power is not the answer to global warming; it is not clean, it is not green; it is not safe; and it is not renewable. It is instead a destroyer of worlds. It is time the global community repudiated it – however economically painful in the short term that taking such a step would be … (full text Destroyer of Worlds, on her website, March 16, 2011).

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