Graph of the week: number of Americans receiving food stamps

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Published on Real-World Economics Review Blog, by David Ruccio, April 10, 2011: The number of Americans receiving food stamps is now over 44 million, which is more than the entire populations of many large nations … see graphic on their website.


Ryan Budget Plan Produces Far Less Real Deficit Cutting than Reported, on Center on Budget and Policy Priorities CNPP, by James R. Horney, April 8, 2011: … the numbers in his plan show that his budget produces just $155 billion in real deficit reduction over ten years (see graph) … (full text).

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP, on en.wikipedia; SNAP’s Homepage; SNAP’s History;

How to Receive US Food Stamps;

Getting SNAP/food stamps. It’s your right;

In U.S., 14% Rely on Food Stamps, Nov. 4, 2010;

Electronic Fact Sheet /Food Stamp Facts: The food stamp program helps low-income people buy food. Although it is a federal government program, it is run by state or local agencies.

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