Thousands vote online for original songs against impunity

Published on KnightBlog, by Andries Vaisman, March 24, 2011. – Linked on our blogs with John S. and James L. Knight Foundation KF.

The Inter American Press Association IAPA has selected 22 finalists from its public contest to create an anthem honoring journalists murdered in Latin America.  The contest is part of IAPA’s Impunity Project, which aims to combat violence against journalists and lessen the impunity surrounding the majority of those crimes.

Named “Lend your Voice to the Voiceless,” the competition set out to allow anyone to post videos, songs or lyrics for approval by a network of online peers and has received support from well-known artists like Emilio Estefan. So far, the content has garnered the attention of over 57,000 votes from thousands of registered online voters

One such artist to make it to the finals is Armando Elonga of Equatorial Guinea, who sings: I ask for justice for all the journalists killed in the line of duty all around the world.” He continues, “I sing for the one who can no longer speak because a murdering bullet has silenced his voice.  I sing for the one who died for the truth… Until when we will watch this impunity?  Until when will watch journalists die?

Another is Richi Divasi from Guatemala, who chants: No more violence, no more impunity.”  He goes on to say, “You are not in this fight alone, you will see that everything will be fine.  We have to fight for our freedom, you will see that together we can accomplish more.  I don’t know who said no, who said we can’t shout with faith…  A new world – we want liberty.

You can hear both their songs and more at Dona Tu … (full text).

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