Real Rainmakers and co

My belief/comment to Fidel Castro’s text – Linked on this blog with NATO’s Inevitable War: The Flood of Lies regarding Libya.

  • 1): Our humanity’s REAL big rainmakers are not bound by heart or any attachment to a country, even not to a region, not to a religion and never to any political party or Gov. They are not WITH them, they manipulating them. Their only God is power play, money, politics, desinformation, manipulation and other nice tools helping them to succeed. Point.
  • 2): If you watch the Fruit-of-the-Tree factor, you may admit that they created an empire (America), becoming their tool helping dominate globally what exists.

But really successful rainmakers never put all their eggs in the same basket, so America was for a long period only their Army, and I guess Swiss banks were their money administrator and England was the dragon’s Head/gov.

After WW2 they began to diversify, first the Head, more and more the money and since some decades also the army. WHY? 

Because the immense rest of this humanity, including all govs, secret services and other smart guys more and more get what is happening in reality. Rainmakers have to admit peoples’ slow but constant harvest of facts.

Even if for a long time rumors can be ridiculed as conjuration theories of few fools, and hierarchic structures are slowing down collective awareness, with time too many people become conscious about this Kabaret.

I think since two decades the rainmakers softly move to Asia, creating there a new Head, Army and Money Holder … (guess where)?

But, they are not fool enough to let their old host be a concurrent for their new host. Thus, they began since decades to FORCE key players (of the old host) to make so called mistakes/political and tactical errors etc etc: for America big war errors, putting America practically into ruin. England has lost its world-gov-ambitions already since decades and Swiss people’s political sovereignty is now seriously challenged, not only by the European Union.

Rainmakers want their new host become the future Empire, composed of new peoples, with gratitude for a better life, ready to work hard and behave belonging their wishes. Today Asians are much better for this job as spoiled westerners.

I mean, if we all want really impose actual Dictatorships some more Human Rights stuff, then we have to leave our bed in the morning much sooner as we do now.

I do not wish a future Empire (whoever it may be) even not needing to be hypocrite regarding individual human rights.

Could be – if we are sleeping too much now – one day we dream back our damned old American Empire.

Yes, could be.

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