UN Human Rights Council divided over Darfur

Published on jurnalo.com, Friday 16 March 2007

The United Nations Human Rights Council was split Friday and members told its credibility “was at stake” as the special report on alleged human rights abuses in Darfur was debated by the 47 member states. The report, compiled by Nobel peace prize winner Jody Williams, was condemned as “incomplete” and its legitimacy and impartiality questioned by the bloc of states led by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. They claimed the mission had failed to fulfil its mandate after one of the five-member delegation was refused a visa to Sudan last month and the team was forced to conduct its inquiry from outside the country. The report alleges human rights abuses, including killings and rape, as a result of violence orchestrated by the Sudanese government acting alongside the Khartoum-backed Janjaweed Arab militia and other armed groups. The claims are fiercely denied by Khartoum. (full text).

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