War between Integrisme and Freedom

Linked with our presentation The Muslim opinion is manipulated.

For some weeks I am living in Abu Dhabi (a town in the United Arab Emirates). The other day in the streets around our towers men here and there, standing around, waiting, a small tension in the air, like a waiting for something, a tension I know in Europe when waiting in crowds for an event … I go my way on.

Later I was thinking: these guys never go for burning an embassy without having been pushed by someone they respect. These men are simple people, working hard every day. They never dare take themselves any initiative for such a huge event. They must have given permission to burn an embassy. These guys are normally shy, respectful, giving obedience in work and social performance. IF someone tells them to burn an embassy in Allah’s name, yes, then they move … but they never do it by their own initiative. They are simple people having learned to obey …

That’s all. Now we may ask only: WHO the hell is interested to push them?

I think, behind all that is a relative little group wanting war. Because war is the only way for them to get, to have and to hold power. Power over economy and resources, power over society and its members, power over politics, that means over what is said, done and allowed. But with a variation: some would get as much tittytaining as needed to make them work (from tit and entertaining = cheap popular amusements).

Bush’s America on one side, the Muslim world on the other side, together they make war and in the mid of them our freedom is to be crashed.

THIS is the real goal behind all that mess.

And this could be only the beginning, if we let them do.

Freedom for Egyptians.

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