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Received by mail from bluesapphire48, of WorldCitizen, via WorldCitizen-yahoogroups:

Excerpt: … I am posting, below, part of the response I wrote earlier to one of these people who asked for more information about depleted uranium (DU). Perhaps other people in this group will want to read this, too. I look forward to continuing this discussion within the group and offlist with anyone who is interested. Peace and may God bless you all, Hajja Romi Elnagar, Depleted Uranium Study Team.

Dear friend, To understand this subject, you need to remember a little basic chemistry. Natural uranium ore (from mines) has several different varieties, or ISOTOPES. They are all radioactive. One isotope can be used in nuclear power plants to generate electricity. It is called U-235.

Only a small percentage of natural uranium contains U-235. After this isotope is taken out of the uranium ore, the remainder is said to be “depleted” of the uranium that is useful for power plants.

This remainder, however, is still radioactive. Depleted uranium has a radioactive half-life of 4.5 BILLION YEARS. This means that after 4.5 billion years, half of the original material will have lost its radioactivity and d”decayed” into another element (lead, I think).

For years, heaps of this depleted uranium sat as waste, until the army discovered a use for it. Uranium is the densest naturally-occuring metal. So, it is great for armor because projectiles made from any other element will not penetrate it. Similarly, missiles and bullets made of depleted uranium (DU) will penetrate armor made of any other metal like a hot knife through butter.

DU weaponry was given to Israel and used in its war in 1973. It was used in Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles in both Gulf Wars, and by NATO in the former Yugoslavia. Over three hundred tons of it have been used in the Middle East. It was partly responsible for America’s swift victory over Saddam Hussein.

If you look at photos of the Gulf War, you may see very bright flashes of light during some of the bombing. This indicates that DU weapons are being used. When a missile or bullet made of DU hits a target, it explodes and vaporizes into ceramic uranium gas.

This gas is lofted into the Earth’s atmosphere. During the Gulf War, the radioactivity monitoring station at Aldermaston in Britain picked up a spike in radioactivity, indicating that winds from the Middle East were spreading radioactive DU gas over the entire Earth.

Children in Iraq played on burned-out tanks destroyed by these explosions. DU got into the water and soil of Iraq (and
Afghanistan, too).

DU is responsible for the high rate of infants born with deformities to Iraq War veterans, and in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, when a woman bears a child in Iraq, the first question is not, “Is it a boy or girl?” but “Is it normal?”

It is believed that DU may be responsible for Gulf War illness, and the worldwide epidemic of diabetes. DU is carcinogenic and responsible for a variety of illnesses.

If you want more information on this terrible plague my government has inflicted on the Middle East, you ware welcome to visit our Yahoo! group about uranium weapons and other internationally outlawed weapons used by the US and its allies. As you can see, this is a highly complex subject, and the governments of America and Britain are doing everything they can to stop people from knowing about it.

I will be glad to answer any more questions that you may have. Our group has contacts with several of the leading scientists and activists who have been working on this issue for many years, so if there is something I can’t answer, I am sure one of the other people in our group will be able to.

Peace and best wishes, Romi Elnagar.

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