American DUST

The yahoo group ‘American DUST, Depleted Uranium Study Team

Short description: Uranium weapons are used by the US and its allies in the Balkans and the Middle East. These weapons are outlawed under Geneva Protocols and Convestions, but this has not stopped their use. They have begun the catastrophic destruction of all life on this planet. We study and disseminate information on uranium weapons with the goal of raising public awareness in the US about depleted uranium (DU), and other uranium weapons.

We also include in our work other weapons prohibited by international law but used by the US and its allies.

We advocate non-violence as the solution to conflict. The war criminals that lead in the use of these weapons must be held accountable for their actions before the international community, and before the citizens of the nations whose trust they have abused and whose blood and treasure they have thrown away. Those who follow them must be educated and awakened to the truth about their participation in these crimes.

Their last three texts:


Photos , what DU makes on babies (deformed born babies, nothing for sensible persons);

Thought for the Day (a poem).

Interested to help this group to raise awarnesss about DU? Join under THIS LINK.

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