Integrisme and our Free World

What I fear most is not, that Muslims could be able to forbid us our freedom of speaking, drawing, writing and the rest. What I see as a real danger, is the coming out of OUR OWN integrists wanting us to shut up. The worst Muslims can make us are some bombs. That’s it. Some bombs can never stop our civilisation, if we are decided to hold it. All the rest – if we are to be stopped – comes out of our own fears.

We are a so called ‘free world’. Muslims seem to live in an integrist world. Why?

In our country, the progressive part of the population has shut down the claims of the integrists for a world directed by them, in the Muslim world some integrists have reached the opposite, they have reached to shut down progressive claiming and doings.

We and the Muslims (and the Jews) have holy texts about an unique true only God. All these three religions have in their texts some writings containing hatred, calls for killing those not following the prescription of the text. The difference is, in our world, these texts are no more accepted as guidelines, in the Muslim world the submission of a religion calling for hatred has shut up every opposition to these texts (in the jewish world, both interpretations exist). In all three religions there are also texts of peace, of humility, of love for our fellows, of help for neighbours in difficulty.

The difference is in the viewpoints to read these texts, and belonging to our common today-situation, different groups of interpretation have won in each of the three religions. Today the Christian world has shut down their integrists, this not means that they do not exist.

And exactly here begins my fear: our own integrist will claim, piece by piece, what Muslim integrists want: a so called respectful behaviour, and finally try to shut progressives down, if we accept the Muslims integrists forbidding us pictures missing respect for Mohammed. It is not a random event that OUR clergymen are accepting these Muslims claims.

All my life long, from childhood to today, the so called respectful behaviour was worse that our often really bad tastes we may develop. We all can watch that so called respectful people is worse, once they have the possibility to let go. So called respectful behaviour has never made a single person better, only the mask was stronger. I do not believe in any Integrisme. It gives us only a double language.

Muslim Protests for Pictures

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