Congo and its women / et ses femmes

Received by mail, From: Sylvie Niombo, d’ AZUR Development
Subject: advocate for indigenous people rights in Congo
To: WorldCitizen YahooGroup
Date: 05/03/2007 02:18:03

Are you familiar with Pygmies? Pygmies are an indigenous people who make up a minority in Congo-Brazzaville, and in other countries in central Africa, more generally. They live in the forest and in villages segregated from the Bantu majority. For years the Congo’s Pygmies have lived in poverty and remain to this day a hunting-gathering people. Women and children are commonly the most vulnerable. As such, women have no access to health or social services; to education; are without birth certificates; have no land; and are often neglected from development programmes on a whole. Since 2006, the process of developing a bill aimed at the indigenous of the Congo has been set in motion. AZUR Développement [Development] has joined L’Association pour la Défense des Droits des Peuples Autochtones ADDPA in Congo-Brazzaville to launch the campaign for the recognition of pygmy or indigenous rights so the bill on indigenous people may be voted by Parliament in 2007.

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AZUR Development AD
Contact: Azur Développement, BP 14.333, Brazzaville CONGO, Tel : 00242-656-61-89, ou 00242-659-65-34, ou 00242-675-70-51, E-mail.

english Homepage;
Mission in english: AZUR Development’s mission is to provide leadership in the socio-cultural and economic development of the Congo and of Africa in general. AZUR Development will attain the following objectives:
- promote art and culture;
- promote women empowerment and sustainable development;
- bring multi-fold assistance to the sick, to the disadvantaged and to vulnerable people;
- work to protect environment.

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Mission en français: L’Association AZUR Développement a pour but général de participer au développement du Congo. Elle se propose d’atteindre les objectifs suivants:
- promouvoir l’autonomie des femmes et le développement durable
- promouvoir l’art et la culture
- apporter une assistance multiforme aux malades et aux personnes vulnérables;
- oeuvrer pour la protection de l’environnement.

The Blog – Congolese Women on the web;
This is AZUR’s weblog to share ideas, news and stories, experiences about children and women who benefit from our action in Congo;
Ceci est le blog d’AZUR pour partager les idées, les nouvelles, les expériences et les histoires à succès sur les femmes et les enfants qui bénéficient de notre action au Congo;
Réunion d’échange sur les droits de la femme et des enfants autochtones;
Indigenous people congo brazza – indigenouspeoplecongobrazza
Ce blogue est réservé à la campagne pour la reconnaissance et la promotion des droits des peuples autochtones appelés pygmées au Congo Brazzaville. This is the blog for the campaign for the recognition and promotion of indigenous people called pygmies in Congo Brazzaville.
Campaign updates;
What you can do.

Association pour la Défense des Droits des Peuples Autochtones ADDPA: Je n’ai pas trouvé de site propre, mais ADDPA est cité sur les websites suivants:

L’ADDPA et Azur Développement plaide en faveur des droits des pygmées au Congo;

LISSANGA, plateforme de la société civile congolaise et ses partenaires;

Réseau Sida Afrique;

kabissa, space for change in Africa;
Campaign for the Recognition of Pygmy Rights;

Plaidoyer en faveur des peuples autochtones au Congo;

Femmes, innovation et développement durable.

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