News: Egypt Protesters Call For More Demonstrations To Oust Mubarak

Linked on this blog with We Are The Power … . – Published on Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, Febr. 8, 2011.

… Mubarak has said he will not step aside until elections in September … //
… In talks with some opposition groups on February 6, including the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, the government offered some concessions, but protesters say that is not enough.
On February 7, Mubarak announced a 15 percent increase in public-sector wages and also … (full text).

My comment: and here is exactly the point: this elite, from which Mubarak is only the face, will NEVER give up. Now they try to divide the people into those receiving a bit more, and the rest. We can imagine that military and administrative elites receive more than 15%.
This brings me to the point that those who are the real poor people (the jobless not elite) are prepared by the actuel rulers to loose the fight. I guess with success, as this people’s manifestation is only accepted as long as fightless, called peacefull, means powerless, able to be removed in some hours by some privat police or mercenaries.
Mubarak and all elites worldwide know this, and as long as parts of a middle class elites can be recuperated, a real change will never be possible. Thus, the only solution lays in not letting split any civil society of any country into poors and less poors

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