E-Mail exchange about ClitorAid having been created by a “sect”

(Explanation: the word sect is for normal Europeans the same horror as for normal Americans the word terrorist). – Liés sur nos blogs avec ClitorAid, avec Clinic to fight taboo of female mutilation, avec (à partir du 11 février) Chirurgie Esthétique Paris – Dr Jacques Derhy, et avec LUTTE CONTRE LA PRATIQUE DE L’EXCISION.

Update le 10 février 2011: maitenant d’abord ma remarque personnelle:

  • Je trouve déplorable et inhumaine de se servir de son reflexe anti-secte pour dénigrer des efforts privés de personnes qui veulent lutter contre ce fléau, avec la simple excuse que les gens faisant parti d’une secte n’auraient plus jamais voix au chapitre pour faire quelque chose de bien pour les autres.
  • Si quelqu’un veut croire pourvoir changer la situation de ces femmes et filles sans ceux qu’il méprise par idéologie, cette humanité aura encore un long chemin à faire avant de devenirs plus humaine.
  • Nous pouvons raccourcir ce chemin en arrétant nos arrogances idéologiques divers en ne regardant que ce que FAIT la personne dont le seul crime consiste, après tout, de penser différemment que nous.
  • Cette querelle autour d’une secte – surtout avec ce sujet là – est une honte. Rien de moins.
  • (Heidi).

(Later: my short translation in english: It’s a shame to contempt efforts to help these women of people being members of a so called “sect”. To make more human this world we have to integrate the efforts of every one, even of those thinking differently as we do. All other reactions are just a shame, Heidi).


1. e-mail:  Subject: Important info for Clitoraid fundraiser, From: a privat fundraiser, Date: Febr. 4, 2011.

Hello Lovely friends,

  • I owe you an apology, I have been impulsive and asked you to support a fundraising event (Clitoraid on Mon Feb 7) without first researching it and finding more about it. I did it in good faith and was supporting women and what I believed (so it seemed) to be a good cause.
  • A friend alerted me and asked me to check it out and when I did I thought it was very shady and I’m definitely not supportive of this organisation. I do hope you didn’t donate yet and of course it’s up to you to check it out and decide whether you support it or not.
  • Please check out Wikipedia on Raelism, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ra%C3%ABlism
  • clonism, Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg, Dr Petra Boyton comments on Clitoraid. The doctor who initiated the operation has distanced himself from this organisation/cult. It is all very scary stuff. I’ve learnt my lesson of being more cautious in future.
  • My sincere apologies again and hope you have a relaxing and rejuvinating week-end, T.


2. e-mail: Sujet: Fwd: Clitoraid: wonderful and healthy communication among all of us women,
Received by e-mail, From: by a privat friend, Date: Febr. 6, 2011. 

Dear all,

Thank you dear Txxxx for voicing your concern which is sparking this wonderful and healthy communication among all of us women.

If in the past, small villages around the world were the stage of rumors on their residents, today the whole planet has become a small global village with its own rumors on almost everyone because of the internet and more than ever, it is important to check our sources.

In the case of Clitoraid, the non profit organization is duly registered in the US, our website attests as to its “501 (c) 3 status given the US State Dept. as it does to all Non Profit Org. We advocate financial transparency by posting our tax return on our website every year, all this to make sure that malignant, unfounded rumors will not deter us from our goal of finishing building this hospital in West Africa where already more than 300 genitally mutilated victims are awaiting their restorative surgery.

Let us look at these points that you are making dear Txxxxx to warn the women who have or who maybe supporting Clitoraid so far:

  • Clitoraid was indeed founded by spiritual leader Rael as it is transparently indicated on our website. People may not embrace a philosophy explaining that life on Earth was created by men and women like us who come from another planet and who used DNA and science to create us in their image, but then some people may not embrace the Muslim or the Christian faiths though one day, they maybe saved by the Red Cross or the Red Crescent. Sometimes medical institutions originated from certain faiths and then they become their own entity like the Red Cross, The Red Crescent who solely stand to save and heals humans. Clitoraid is no different. It is an independent medical institution with its soon to open medical hospital dedicated to FGM victims. I hope that no one is trying to imply that Clitoraid’s donations would somehow go to my religious movement! That would be utter slander easily dismissed by the transparency of our Clitoraid accounting.
  • My only objective is to help a build a hospital and I am doing this with the help and support of people who believe they can do something to reduce suffering. We welcome people of all faiths who are willing to make a difference in the world. I would stand up to defend any group that fights against violence for women regardless of the religious faith of the persons involved. I just happen to have a different belief than yours and I am as proud about my faith as you are of yours. I am not making excuses about my beliefs nor am I asking any of your friends what their beliefs are, I welcome anyone who wishes to join me in my belief that we can change the world.
  • The world is rich and varied and each human can contribute to our society’s well being. The Raelian philosophy is dedicated to making paradise on Earth a reality thanks to science used for the good of Mankind. That is why, you will see this philosophy advocating innovative technologies such as human cloning, stem cell research, etc…, simply for finding scientific venues to make human lives disease free, more youthful, lasting longer for the enjoyment of every individual.

Let us go on to the next deterring points:

  • The testimonies from Dr Petra Boynton and professor Dr. Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg. Both are scholars and are not a medical doctor and both made comments on Clitoraid without ever speaking to Dr. Marci Bowers, Clitoraid’s head surgeon or to Dr. Foldes, the French surgeon who invented the clitoral repair technique and who trained Dr. Bowers on 2 separate occasions. Both pounced on Clitoraid’s affiliation with the Raelian philosophy as a shady way to denigrate Clitoraid’s endeavor, certainly not worthy of PhD scholars.
  • A word about Dr. Foldes who you are mentioning “distanced himself” from this organization/cult”. Dr. Foldes was never close or affiliated with Clitoraid from the beginning thus he could not have distanced himself.  Dr. Foldes is a wonderful humanitarian doctor who has trained Dr. Bowers and others and who will continue to do so without ever discussing the religious affiliation of his colleagues out of professionalism, the same way as Dr. Bowers does when she trains a new colleague. When she joined Clitoraid’s endeavor, her spiritual affiliation was never discussed in line with the etiquette of medical professionalism.
  • Today Clitoraid has volunteer staff of all religions and affiliations without any discrimination whatsoever. All Clitoraid staff members around the world are bonded by one thing only: to heal Genitally Mutilated women and to give them back their sense of pleasure and dignity. We sincerely hope that women of the UAE will be able to focus on this honourable goal that directly or indirectly binds all women around the world, regardless of their skin color, their creed or belief.
  • I look forward to seeing you at the luncheon, Monday where it will be the ideal time and place to hear about Clitoraid. I will be at your service to answer all the questions you may have.

Sincerely yours, E.

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