The World Can’t Wait, Won’t Wait, Isn’t Waiting

Linked with Cynthia McKinney – USA.

Cynthia McKinney adresses the Kuala Lumpur Peace Conference, February 5, 2007:

Excerpts: … Everyone in this room and every participant in this Conference is here because we want peace. Peace and justice. And these principles of peace and dignity, justice and self-determination were embodied in the policies pursued by our host, The Honorable Tun Mahathir, while he was Prime Minister of Malaysia. In fact, it was Tun Mahathir who put Malaysia on the map for me when he stood up to the world’s economic powers and refused to cash their check of dependency. Instead, Tun Mahathir returned their check and said out loud for the entire world to hear that Malaysia would chart its own course. As a result of that singular act of pride, self-determination, confidence, and independence, Malaysia boasts a strong economy and a legacy of uncommon independence …

… Impeachment is America’s roadmap back to dignity. Impeachment is the Constitutional way to handle an Administration that has, from the outset, violated so many tenets of the U.S. Constitution. It is also a way of saying “No, we do not condone what has been done in our name, and we are not complicit” …

… What is clear is that the world isn’t waiting for the people of the United States to act. But what the world is showing us, is that if we, in the United States, fail to act, we will be the ones left far behind …

… I am pleased to announce that I have signed the online petition pledging not to vote for any candidate who has voted in the past or who will vote this year to fund the war. The petition can be found at PLEDGE TO ABSTAIN

… And if the Democratic Congress, that owes its majority status to antiwar voters, votes to fund the war, then our mission will become very clear. We will have to change the structure of U.S. politics because changing the people, clearly, isn’t enough. This is quite possible with the right set of circumstances. And the current elected leadership is helping to create those circumstances.

When the Presidential election was stolen in Mexico, defenders of democracy shut Mexico City down for weeks until the unrightful, new Mexican President was sworn in. After that, they formed a “parallel” government. And if Mexican defenders of democracy can do it, certainly American defenders of democracy can do it, too.

For us, nothing less than the soul of our country is at stake. But for the world, nothing less than the fate of mankind is at stake. Because of the work of the Perdana Global Peace Organisation, Kuala Lumpur has become the “peace capital” of the world. And because of this Conference that should be taken to every Continent Kuala Lumpur will shine the light of peace on the world by showing us the horrors of war.

Thank you, Tun Mahathir, for hosting this Conference for peace. Thank you Tun Mahathir, for giving us the courage to go forth, especially in the United States, and build an uncompromised movement for dignity and justice, based on peace and love. Thank you. (very long full text).

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