How to spot an Emotional Vampire

Published on eHow, by John Wirchnianski, eHow Member.

Are you emotionally drained? Wondering why you are always tired and why things don’t seem to be working? Is alcohol and drugs no longer a solution? You might be surrounded by Emotional Vampires and worst yet even married to one!

You will learn to protect your positive energy source in a Healthy manner and not be drained of your life blood. The shocking truth of who might be an Emotional Vampire in your life. Discover Emotional Vampires who do not want you to succeed. Learn to take baby steps and avoid Divorce, Jail Time or our 15 minutes of fame on America’s Most Wanted. Rediscover your emotional strength, positive self esteem and stop self defeating behavioral patterns … (full text).

Update: The Emotional Vampire Survival Guide: Emotional Freedom in Action … on Judith Orloff M.D.

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