FGM Trailer for film in Burkina Faso

Watch this video, published on Cancer Type, Jan. 29, 2011.

Trailer for the film “L’excision. un thème pour tout le monde” Instead of presenting a “shock-video on female circumcision, this film opens an empathic view toward those reasons given by the local communities of Burkina Faso. Not to advocate but to ask why this custom, which brings grief to many, still continues, and furthermore what will need to change The population of Burkina Faso justifies FGM (female genital mutilation) by so called traditional reasons, even everybody is aware of the conflict with human rights treaties. Will it ever be possible to implement strategies against FGM, which are accepted also by the local population? Why does indigenous reality clash with Western Laws? What is the cause to continue anyhow, and will there ever be a solution?

While integrating and respecting myths, beliefs, opinions on female genital mutilation, this documentary was shot in collaboration by an African/European film team in Burkina Faso. It reveals in a humorous way of those irrationals that drive traditions. Young girls, religious leaders, retired female-surgeons, magicians, fathers, sociologists – everyone has their say. Without imposing western ideologies this film reveals a so far unseen logic behind FGM. Not to advocate, but to stir a real discussion also among African audiences, for which it originally was made. This film on this otherwise tabooed issue now travels successfully the back-roads of Burkina Faso in the native language Mooré. Moving as “mobile moving cinema … (full text).

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