Basic Needs vs. Freedom of Speech

By Abhijit Bhattacharyya, published on on 20 February 2007,
first published on Alochona Magazine on April 2004.

3 Excerpts: … Freedom must be given judiciously to appropriate person. It is said, “freedom is our birth right”. Absolutely Right! The implication is tantalizing. We have freedom to take bribe, we have freedom to oppress poorer, we have freedom to abuse power and money, we have freedom to support corrupted officers and ministers to get a gainful position, we have freedom to sell life saving drugs and food-crops at higher costs in black market while millions of children are suffering from diseases and mal-nutrition. We have freedom to be greedy to lick the leftovers of America forgetting our cultural heritage! Oh sorry again, Dude! We forgot our hereditary culture after 900 years of slavery, so why bring it again – again it’s our freedom …

… What I feel is that, a total freedom is a heavenly abstract concept, while public must have limited freedom and they must be controlled by some unified law of the country. This does not mean freedom is withheld, but this is essential to provide a secured modern lifestyle …

… I feel that we have to ensure freedom to have food, freedom to have basic medicine and facilities for medical treatment for all of our countrymen. This is urgent for all developing countries. We can’t prosper neglecting these majority people. In this context, if required, news media must criticize the government openly with proof. Media must also remember that proof-less use of freedom is a curse and must be nipped in the bud without any further trial. Media must not be playing under the claws of some particular group. It should only report the unbiased fact while it is public who will judge. Then only “Freedom of speech” will be really powerful. Any revolution can come by only fresh youth groups. The movement for freedom of speech can be stronger if all youth groups can revolt for it. (full text).

Source: Alochona.

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