We Are The Power …

Watch this video: We Have The Power 9.31 min, published on David Icke.com, telling what many of us think by ourselves.

My comment:

  • First question: WHO IS WE? I guess, in this video, WE means the whole humanity without this small group of submitters. But: what about those of our humanity who protect dictatorial structures against protests, fearing to loose their small advantages in this structure, thus being surrounded by a smell of corruption?
  • Second question: exists there a real physical group of submitters – or is what we are living only the result of a complex structure we never were able to manage? Means, we only should learn to drive this machine?
  • Third big question, if a hidden bad group exists really: how can we recognise them?

Do not forget beliefs on Social Darwinism … or of these perpetual tellings that we should reduce this humanity to 2 billion persons (idea mainly widespread in esoteric circles) … or this negative human vision seeing in poors only junkies and lazy people not wanting work … you know this list. These believes may encourage some to act in a sense we, the people, do not want.

Here I guess dominators would NOT be the ones operating actively the mentioned submission. This operators, the normal elite are themselves submitted to what happens … most of them not believing in conjuration theories, but believing theories of Social Darwinism … thus producing the same effects.

Have you never encountered in new rising groups (quickly called sects by the establishment), in groups learning a new technology to free yourselves etc. etc. … have you never encountered there tough, shining persons influencing the guide or the management with only small silly, not important beliefs? I have. Guess who they are? 

Yes, I belief in a group wanting  dominate, whatever it costs. For me they appear as friendly, nice daddies and mamas out of best education, having received the best communication trainings … apparently nice fellows.

They do not agree each to the other HOW to operate, but they learned though discipline, means obedience to their hidden hierarchy. The only common idea: they hate loose real power, which operates by influencing (and paying) their puppets … they NEVER will give up … they have a long long experience of submission technology, from the softest one to the hardest …

… but, there can be another way, as Tunisians and Egyptians show us … now, we just have to apply this method for the global world economy … and protect new structures meant to serve peoples, protect them against old habitudes.

What do we wait for?

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