ILO Decent Work Research Prize, 2007

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Call for nominations – The ILO’s International Institute for Labour Studies has created a research prize to annually reward outstanding contributions to the advancement of knowledge on the ILO’s central goal of decent work for all, and calls for the nomination of candidates.

Criteria for award: The prize winner will be selected by a five member jury consisting of eminent personalities with an international reputation and proven expertise in labour and social policy issues. This being a research prize, the jury will examine publications of the candidates.

The prize can be awarded for:
(1) Major specific contributions to the understanding of socio-economic relationships and policy instruments for the advancement of decent work as defined by the ILO (see The jury will look for new and original ideas;

(2) A lifetime contribution to knowledge on the central concerns of the ILO and its constituents (i.e. Governments, Workers and Employers) which reflects and advances understanding of the different dimensions of decent work (creating jobs; guaranteeing rights at work; extending social protection; promoting dialogue and conflict resolution; with gender equality as a cross-cutting objective). In either case, both the excellence of the work and its practical relevance for policy purposes will be taken into account. (Full text).

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