Action Alert: Stop GMO Alfalfa Contamination!

USDA set to approve GMO alfalfa despite dire warnings from the scientific and organic communities

Published on Rodale Institute, 2011.

The issue: Within just a few days, the USDA will announce the final policy on genetically  modified alfalfa. The USDA finally completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on genetically modified alfalfa in December of 2010. At 264 pages long, the EIS admits Round-up Ready alfalfa will have negative economic impacts on certified organic and even small farmers, but doesn’t suggest any protections for this sector of the agricultural community. It dismisses the potential harm GMO contamination will have on the dairy industry which relies on both organic an non-GMO alfalfa hay for forage. And, says organic consumers don’t really care about the potential GMO contamination … //

… Take action:  Sign the letter at Food Democracy Now to tell the USDA and Secretary Vilsack GMO alfalfa is not worth the risk. (full text). 


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