Communication of Mrs Delphine Nana Mekounte

Linked to our presentation of Delphine NANA MEKOUNTE – Cameroun, of February 4, 2006.

Also linked to our presentation of African Civil Society for the Information Society ACSIS,

and the CEFEPROD, concomitantly Coordinator of the Central African Sub-region Civil Society under the African Civil Society for the Information Society.

both of February 4, 2006.

Date: Wed 23 Nov 2005: Dear Sisters and brothers,

1/ First I would like to congratulate and thank the incumbent ACSIS General Coordinator Olivier NANA NZEPA for his multiform efforts deployed so ACSIS could survive till this day, despite the absence of fundamental texts. Our particuler thanks and congratulations to Nnenna for her devotion and sense of labour which she has shown to ASCIS. This also goes for the former Sub-Regional Coordinators and the Focal Points. The new ACSIS bureau, by my voice, is disposed to collaborately closely witht the incumbent, as well as other members. We cannot pretend that nothing has been done. Much has been done, and much is till to be done and will still remain to be done even after the bureau which has just been elected.

2/ Something importnat for us to note, there is no effective democracy without oppositon, but we must not lose sight of the majority principle. It is normal for our Anglophone brother expresses his point of view concerning the linguistic barrier. Though, aware of our linguistic diversity in Africa, we are to join forces, so these barriers shall not constitute an obstacle to development in our continent. We have said this over and again: there are French, English, Arab and other African language illiterates that we want to promote. It is a shared burden and it is up to us to facilitate communication among us.

Concerning our texts. They will evidently be translated in English in the first instance, with a possibility of an Arab version later. And why not in other African languages.

3/ The statuts adopted in Tunis will be uploaded as soon as possible. At present, we are looking for ways to have at least the French and English versions put up at the same time.

4/ On the Secretariat issue: an Executive and not General Secretariat has been foreseen which will ensure day to day management of ACSIS at its headquarters.

5/ Following the session of the cabinet held in Tunis just after its election, it was agreed to continue the process of structuring ACSIS at the national level. Therefore, we invite volunteers in all countries to collaborate with the erstwhile National Focal Points in, organizing democratic elections for National Coordinators .

6/ Given that development begins at the grassroots, the ACSIS Action Plan must address the specificities of each country or sub-region. Which means that the establishment of National Coordinators become’s urgent.

7/ Information and sensitization actions, as well as lobbying our different partners will also follow after the elaboration of the Action Plan which will be the basis of our work.

8/ The Statuts foresees the creation of technical commissions, so your thematic propostions are welcome, as well as all other propositions that you deem fit for the general organisation of work.

9/ I cannot end without saying my thanks for your congratulations. I invite you to more solidarity so that together we can bridge the digital divide in our continent. For it is in unity that we can succeed and win for the the welfare of all in Africa.

By the way, I am open to your ideas and counselling and even your constructive criticisms made in good faith.

“ACSIS belongs to all of us and to each of us”

President ACSIS ( African Civil Society for Information Society)

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