Education of the masses

Already published on Mein Schreibstuben-Blog on August 6th, 2008. – Linked on my blogs with We Are The Power … , and with my reflection in german: zu Peter Sloterdjiks Buch die Verachtung der Massen. Update: also linked with Paradiesvorstellung.

(My today updated comments:

  • this text was written questioning why people elect a Bush, later an Obama, and then are not (cannot be) satisfied in any way. Today I see the same reflections valuable for Egypts and other mass protests;
  • please, to change people DOES NOT mean they have to submit. I mean we have to take back our planet, our economy, our ability do decide … etc …but people has to admit that they/we have still much to learn HOW RUNNING A REVOLUTION NOT ENDING IN A MASSACRE).

Have we to change the elite? Or, may be we have to change the people?  

Out of Europe, thinking we are progressive people, we look at an America questioning itself about the way to go. What has to be changed?

Look, the power plays, the problems are the same over the world = elites are acting almost the same way, but the peoples are not reacting the same way. Peter Sloterdjik, a german philosopher meditates about the education of the masses and sees:

  • – if we tell the masses ‘you have to change’, they feel not beeing ok (and they reject you), or
  • - we tell them, guys, you are splendid (and they no more move).

Question: how to tell people that they have to change, that it is not ok  what is happening now, making them feel in the same time that they can stand the fact that not all is ok? Maybe you can try to change the elite (rather the leftist solution when attacking the rightist power), but this brings only the well known dialectic plays of ones in power and the others in opposition, plays we know since 10′000 years. They may also become war-plays.

The European constitution was rejected by Frenchies and the Nederlands, just because the elites (AND the peoples) were not able to resolve this question. Elites come and go, so what.

Peoples have to remain.

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