Muslim Protest for Pictures

Linked with Taslima Nasreen – Bangladesh of February 2, 2006, with Rethinking Islam of January 20, 2006, and with Safia Hussaini – Nigeria of October 31, 2005.

Have we the right to make pictures of Mohammed? Yes, we have. A picture of Mohammed IS NOT Mohammed himself. We CAN NOT hurt Mohammed, as he IS NOT this picture.

Have we the right to make a BAD picture on Mohammed? This is not a question of right, as we have this right. It could be a question of good or bad taste. Well, to have a bad taste is not forbidden.

Here comes out a main element of what we call fundamentalism. It is the mix of a surrogate of the reality with what is called religion. I do not believe that here it is religion which is protected. It is the unwillingness to make a difference between reality ones have to live and the own inner dream.

Fundamental behaviours, and here we have it, helps to forget reality and live in a dreamed bubble of so called security: the security NOT to have to be aware of the reality of our lives. Lives that may be hard, frustrating, imbalanced.

And, forgive me to say it, a society which is treating women like the Muslim society does, CAN NOT be in an enough good inner balance to stand a joke.

And that’s exactly what it is: a bad joke. Yes, not a good one, but an allowed one.

I have to say it with all my conviction: if Muslims are not able to stand a bad joke, they have to learn first to accept reality. Where they see ‘protection of their faith’, I see ‘protection of a dreamed bubble permitting to FORGET reality’.

We of the so called western world have not to accept intimidations by protests.

You Muslims, yes, you are hurt. But what is hurt is not religion, it is your dream of another reality than the one you have to live.

Sorry for you and your missed inner balance, not for the bad taste of a joke.


Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy on wikipedia

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