Surge in Muslim youth who want Islamic rule

By Macer Hall, Political Editor, Jan. 29, 2007.

2 excerpts: … SHOCKING evidence of the radicalisation of young British Muslims emerged last night after a poll showed more than one- third want Islamic law imposed in the UK.

Three-quarters of Muslims aged 16-24 believe women should be forced to wear veils or headscarves and a third believe heretics who give up the Islamic faith deserve to be put to death, research also reveals.

The survey also found more than one in eight young adult believers “admires” Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups …

… Of Muslims in the 16-24 age group, the poll found 37 per cent wanted Islamic sharia law in the UK, 31 per cent wanted heretics put to death and 74 per cent wanted Muslim women to wear the full-face niqab veil or the hijab headscarf.

Thirteen per cent of the age group “admired organisations like Al Qaeda
that are prepared to fight the West”.

Opinions among Muslims as a whole were far more moderate.

Just under two-thirds – 60 per cent – wanted their children to attend mixed-faith state schools.

In total, 86 per cent of Muslims questioned in the survey agreed with the statement: “My religion is the most important thing in my life”.

Furthermore, 84 per cent believed they had been treated fairly in British society.
Just over a quarter – 28 per cent – believed the Government and councils had gone “over the top” in trying not to offend Muslims.

The poll found 75 per cent believed it was wrong for High Wycombe Council to ban an advert for a Christmas carol service in 2003.

And 64 per cent said Dudley Council in the West Midlands was wrong to have banned all images of pigs from offices in 2005 out of fear of offending Muslims … (full text).

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