WikiLeaks Back in Business

Published on Peace, Earth and Justice News PEJ, by Dragonslayer, January 07, 2011. is now redirecting to the mirror site
wikileaks Mirrors shows a page full of mirror wikileaks sites around the world. While working out the bugs they do have a way to send them both money and leaks that you would provide on floppies, CDs or flash drives.

In a related info a new site has been found called LeakyGate that can be found at   The site has no content and was just started up today.  What is unique here is that anyone can anonymously post to the site.   You can click on a link on the homepage and be taken to the form that will publish the info live on the site. The disclaimer states that everything on the site is fiction which leaves it up to the reader to verify the information for themselves before republishing as truth elsewhere.   There is even a place to post your pet peeves.  The owner of that site is responding to queries at

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