Legal and Human Rights Centre-LHRC’s new book

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Chronicles of a decade of struggle, by Pascal Shao, January 24, 2007, IPPmedia.

Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) launched a book outlining its history in Dar es Salaam yesterday. The book is a decade`s journey of the organisation since 1995.

Titled -Through a crucible of Human rights struggles in Tanzania: A decade of Legal and Human Rights the book records achievements and challenges the body encountered in the entire process of lying down the groundwork for democracy and good governance in the country.

Addressing journalists, LHRC board member and editor of the book Prof Palamagamba Kabudi said that when the centre was marking its 10th anniversary, a resolution was made to publish a book on its comprehensive profile.

“We marked the 10th anniversary with songs and drums but we also saw it important to keep the memories in writing,” he said.

Professor Kabudi said the book was published in English in order to share experiences with legal and human rights organization in Africa and the rest of the world.

He said that the Kiswahili version would be ready before December this year.

Professor Kabudi said as a human rights organization, LHCR is naturally concerned with the margins of life where violation of human rights occurs. (Full text at IPPmedia, Source: Guardian).

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