Give someone you never met, a gift they will never forget

CHARITY LUNCH Rotana Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE – Monday, February 7th 2011, From 12 to 2 pm – Ladies only

300 AED (Payment is required in advance) – Donations are also welcome – For more information, please contact: Eliane – Abu Dhabi – Mob: 050 122 03 89, e-mail.

Linked on our blogs with Clinic to fight taboo of female mutilation, with Stop Infant Circumcision Society SICSOCIETY, and with is a private, international, non profit women’s organization dedicated to offer reconstructive surgery to victims of Female Genital Cutting and to restore their woman’s dignity. The newly implanted branch of our organization in Abu Dhabi is planning a fundraising luncheon on Monday February 7th, 2011 in honour of “Zero Tolerance Day for FGC” celebrated by the United Nation each year on February 6. This ladies only event will take place at the Rotana Beach Hotel and we would sincerely treasure your participation to help us gather the funds necessary to build a hospital in West Africa destined to treat the thousands of FGC victims who live there.

Dr. Foldes, a French urologist and surgeon, developed a technique to help alleviate the pain of the victims of FGC (Female Genitale Cutting) and to restore clitoral sensation. Dr. Foldes has trained several surgeons including American doctor, Marci Bowers who is currently head of Clitoraid’s surgical team and practices in the US.

Today, FGC victims are found all around the world but the largest concentration of them remains in Sub Saharian countries like Burkina Faso where Clitoraid built a hospital to treat each patient free of charge. The building of this medical facility is in its finishing stage and our organization is now looking to raise $US250,000 to buy the medical and surgical equipment necessary to begin surgeries. Our dream is to be able to find 2,500 people who would be willing to each donate at least $US100.00 (370 aed) whether anonymously or not ( I am convinced that with the generosity of the people living in the UAE, this goal is attainable.

It has been observed that women who undergo this restorative surgery, not only have a happier marriage but also become more active, productive members of our society. It seems that their restored human dignity positively affects every area of their life. This particular observation is being clinically studied by Clitoraid’s psychological team and will be shared with the scientific community and the public at large once concluded.

An abundance of research shows that Female Genital Cutting is practiced regardless of religion; in fact, historical studies predate FGC back to the time of the Pharaohs. Muslim authorities worldwide have repeatedly assured the public that FGC is not prescribed by the Koran and we trust that Clitoraid’s fundraising event is in compliance with the religious values of the UAE.

Another one of our dreams is to find a surgeon in the UAE who would like to offer the clitoral repair surgical technique and help FGC victims who live right in our part of the world. In the US, Dr. Bowers offers complimentary surgical training throughout the year to medical colleagues who travel from around the world to her San Francisco, CA practice. If you know of a medical professional who may be interested in this surgical humanitarian endeavour, please let them know about this opportunity.

This event will begin with a speech to explain the marvellous endeavours and the humanitarian hopes of our charitable organization, including testimonies of women who have already had their surgery. The raffle will take place at the end of the luncheon and we sincerely hope you can help make this fundraising event a true success in order to help heal the millions of victims of FGC who are seeking help.

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