Commentary: Returned

Published on Online Journal, by June Terpstra, December 17, 2010.

Having been haunted by ghost riders throughout the fall semester, I return to document my hero’s journey. My need to awaken is intense. These lost and damned souls wondering around me in the nightmarish halls of the university educational system in the USA are compelling distractions. They are everywhere bleeding through cracks in imperialist timelines diverting the attention of the citizen, the soldier, the sucker and the slave. The searchers are in danger from these walking dead who steeped over long in fox feces and now mushroom into view … //

… My terror is a product of being surrounded by millions so horribly lied to and so well manipulated that they can communicate only in a monotoned and racist zombie speak, which makes it almost impossible for my once functioning organic intellectual abilities to comprehend who is alive and who is dead. Attempting to liberate myself from Borg-like beams to morph me into a cyber-man, I require the moral courage to face the pain of withdrawal from the addictions so generously sponsored with my tax dollars and my labor. If quantum mechanics proofs were meant to be the spook’s tool, then the echo of the ancient dictum that “we are all one and we are all connected” is, in actuality, mindlessly serving evil.

Will my hero have the moral courage to break from the screen and social networking distractions and venture outside? There is so much work to do out in the real world, yet I find myself much distracted with tweets by twats. I have played the fool once, twice and countless times out of hunger, fear, isolation and alienation. Let me waste no more time and instead move my body to meet with allies, sisters, brothers and comrades to once again talk, laugh, cry and resist oppression in real time. (full text).

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