Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

Carne Ross’s secret statement on Tony Blair’s lies:

Published on Voltairenet.org on 3 January 2007, by Carne Ross – The British House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee made public Carne Ross’s statement before the Butler Committee on the the war against Iraq. This document vouches for the fact that the United Kingdom authorities have never believed that Iraq represented a threat, contrary to what they claimed before Security Council. Mr Ross is a high-level diplomat who resigned from Foreign Office in protest against Blair’s government policy. He founded the Independent Diplomat organization to advise developing countries.

Supplementary evidence, submitted by Mr Carne Ross, Director, Independent Diplomat.

I am in the Senior Management Structure of the FCO, currently seconded to the UN in Kosovo. I was First Secretary in the UK Mission to the United Nations in New York from December 1997 until June 2002. I was responsible for Iraq policy in the mission, including policy on sanctions, weapons inspections and liaison with UNSCOM and later UNMOVIC … (Read all the long article on above link).

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