What’s in our future?

Published on Online Journal, by Nick Egnatz, December 16, 2010.

The essence of capitalism is aiding and abetting the wealthy to accumulate more and more capital (wealth). This is justified by the rationalization that living in a free society we all have the opportunity to amass our own fortunes. The reality is that as the wealthy become progressively more and more wealthy (the very nature of capitalism), they use their wealth to squeeze the working class that provides their labor and so insure their own dominance at the top of the heap … // 

… As Americans, we have been force-fed an unquestioning belief in this system since birth. No alternative such as democratic socialism has ever been discussed or debated in our national discourse. With a real unemployment rate of 22 percent (ShadowStats.com, DailyFinance.com), with a rate of home mortgages underwater of 23 percent (Money.CNN.com, TotalMortgage.com, TotalBankruptcy.com), with 45,000 Americans dying yearly simply because they lack health insurance (Harvard University Study), with the U.S. now the most unequal industrial democracy on earth (EqualityTrust.org, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), and no prospects for improvement on any front from either political party or their corporate patrons, isn’t it time for us to take a look at another system?

Democratic socialism is simply the commitment of a society to not leave anyone behind. It has nothing to do with totalitarian communism, fascism or what passes for democracy in the U.S. It is a bottom-up citizen-led government, instead of the present top-down corporate model. It wouldn’t mandate the end to private property, but would simply put the brakes on too much accumulation by the wealthy and thus be able to insure human dignity for all members of our society.

What’s in our future? Obscene wealth for a few or human dignity for all? (full text).

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