picture of the year

This photo was first edited on this blog on January 31, 2007. Now I link it with the today’s article THE BURQA: PRISON OR PROTECTION, with a video: Inside Story – Burqa ban in France? – 25 June 09, 24.20 min, and with Burqa ban: What Barack Obama could learn from Nicolas Sarkozy about Islam.

black veiled women - picture of the year redim 60p.jpg

Found on Bloggers Kashmir this ‘picture of the year‘, submitted there by Feroze, on Wed, 2006-12-06.

I can not resist to pick it up and show you.

When on my travels I encouter such a … ?? human being ?? … I feel coming up in me strong old atavic reflexes … you know, the ones you have when removing a danger without thinking first …

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