Gaining from Wikileaks

Published on News Insight, by N.V.Subramanian, Dec. 7, 2010.

… London, 3 December 2010: On first reading, the Wikileaks about Pakistan may produce consternation and dismay in India. But deeper reflection would suggest that the way to contain a failing, nuclear terroristic Pakistan (and its dark ally, China) is for India to do more of what it is doing, which is to rise peacefully.

The Wikileaks do not make essentially new revelations about Pakistan, except in one or two instances. But they confirm some of the worst suspicions. For example, all the P-5 states bar China are increasingly concerned that Pakistani nukes or fissile materials could fall into terrorist hands through jihadi actions, including capture of national power, or via sustained leaks by army, intelligence and civilian “insiders” over a period of time. 

The second not-so-new revelation is that the Nawaz Sharief family is implicated with the anti-India Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT). While Wikileaks says a tip-off from Shahbaz Sharief enabled LeT to withdraw its monies before the post-26/11 UN freeze on its bank accounts, it entirely ties with his elder brother and former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharief’s old ties with the Pakistani terrorist group.

It ought to be understood that Nawaz Sharief was propped up by the Pakistan army to oppose the Bhutto dynasty as the LeT was established by the Pakistani military to terrorize and Balkanize India. Nawaz Sharief fell out with Parvez Musharraf but not the army. He praised America, according to Wikileaks, for installing Ashfaq Parvez Kayani as the Pakistan army chief. Kayani is viscerally anti-India … (full text).

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